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Due to a high volume of inquiries, we may not be able to personally answer all messages, emails, and phone calls. We hope this page can answer all of your questions.

How can I apply?

You must submit an application with all required documents to Project BRAVO in order to apply for services. Project BRAVO has an application packet that covers all services available for download online. You can submit the application and copies of required documents via U.S. postal mail, or you can drop it off at secure drop boxes located outside of our centers.

If you do not have access to a printer, printed applications are available at the drop boxes located outside of our centers.

Do not submit applications without copies of all required documents or else it will severely delay the application screening process. The list of required documents is listed on the first page of the application. If you submit an application with no copies of documents, other complete applications will be approved ahead of yours even if you submitted your application first. Services cannot be provided until you submit an application, submit all required documents, and the application is reviewed and approved by Project BRAVO staff.
Starting January 2023, incomplete applications will be shredded and you will not be considered for services.

Who qualifies for assistance?

Project BRAVO has more than one funding source, and each source has different requirements, including income guidelines. When we asses your application, we look at your individual situation and see what funding source benefits you most depending on the Federal Poverty Level your income corresponds with. See the income chart we go based off of below:

2023 Federal Poverty Guidelines

Monthly guidelines are shown

2023 FPL.png

*Please note that Project BRAVO bases income on the Health and Human Services guidelines, which are updated at the end of every January.

If you calculate that your income is above the thresholds, Project BRAVO still encourages you to apply. Our staff will look into your sources of income, and determine what amounts may be exempt, or look into the funding that is best suited for you.

Is assistance offered on a first come, first served basis? 

As the designated Community Action Agency for El Paso County, we are mandated to serve vulnerable households first. Priority points are assigned to all households.

When the demand for a service exceeds the funds available, priority points are used to determine who is served.

When programs are introduced mid-year, priority points may be used to determine what order existing clients are contacted for the new service. Priority points scales are determined by Project BRAVO staff and partners.

Priority points may be awarded to households based on criteria such as the following:

  • Household Income

  • Age of household members

  • Persons with disability

  • Energy consumption

  • Eviction

  • Mortgage default status

  • Other

Can I go into a Project BRAVO office and speak to someone in person?

Yes, Project BRAVO offices are open to the public and you can ask staff general questions. We will not, however, provide in-person appointments to process applications.

Can I track my application?

Due to high call and email volume, we are not currently giving application status updates. If you have a pending application, you will receive a phone call or email from Project BRAVO staff when your application is being reviewed. Keep in mind that submitting several applications to different centers may delay the screening and scheduling process. Project BRAVO staff may be calling from an unknown number or a blocked number and so be sure to answer all your calls so you will not miss Project BRAVO’s calls.

How long will it be until I hear back?

Our staff is currently screening an unusually high number of  applications. Based on the number of applications in our pipeline, it may take Project BRAVO up to 8 weeks from the day you dropped it off to review your application and determine if you are eligible for services. If the application is missing documents or signatures, it can delay the process by another two weeks. 

Project BRAVO will inform applicants through phone or email if they will receive services between 6-8 weeks after submitting a complete application. Keep in mind that submitting several applications to different centers may delay the screening and scheduling process.

Why does Project BRAVO require so many documents?

Project BRAVO programs and services are free to participants and are mostly funded with government and private grants. In order to provide services for free, funders require us to collect information from the households we serve as well as verify information such as identity, address, income, and other vital information. 

Applications cannot be screened for eligibility until all documents are submitted. If you submit documents after submitting your application, make sure you provide the name of the head of household and contact information so the document can be linked to the application.

I’ve been calling Project BRAVO and no one is answering?
Project BRAVO receives a high volume of calls and we cannot answer every call. For several days we have recorded over 1,700 calls per day, but we only have 50 total employees and so, unfortunately, many calls will go unanswered. Project BRAVO’s phone system has pre-recorded messages that inform the public how to apply for services, what services are available, and other general information. You can also visit our website and explore different tabs to get needed information. Make sure you are calling our main number: (915) 562-4100. You can find the extensions for specific centers here.

Due to the high volume of calls, we cannot provide status updates on applications.

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