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2024 application

Project BRAVO's open application period for the Utility Assistance Program started on Monday, April 15, 2024. While the cap of 200 online applications has been met, we are still accepting paper applications as of April 22. 

Due to limited funding, we'll accept only 750 paper applications before we close the application period until further notice. All complete applications submitted during this period will be scheduled for May. Paper applications may be submitted at any center.

If you submitted a complete application during an open application period, you can expect to receive an application update 6-8 weeks after your application is submitted and determined complete.

Please use the BLUE buttons to apply IN PERSON at a center. (Only one application is needed for the entire 2024 service year.)


  • We encourage families to plan well in advance and apply for services as soon as they experience financial hardship during the Open Application Period. A notice of disconnection is not required to qualify for gas/electric utility assistance.

  • Incomplete applications will be shredded and will not be considered for services. 

    • A new application is required for each calendar year.

    • Start collecting documents for all your household members.

    • Documents such as check stubs, utility bills, and mortgage statements must be current for the 30 days before the application is submitted.

    • If submitting copies of documents after your application is submitted, show the head of household and phone number/address on the copy so that your document can be linked to your application.

    • Notify Project BRAVO of changes such as new contact information or changes in address.

  • Read the application carefully and follow ALL the instructions.

  • If submitting a paper application, print clearly and neatly.

  • Sign and initial ALL areas highlighted in the application.

  • Provide copies of ALL required documents with your application. 

  • Provide current phone numbers, emails, and emergency contacts. 

  • You will be contacted by email or mail to confirm your eligibility or for instructions if your application is incomplete.

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