Adult Basic Education (GED)

Project BRAVO provides GED classes in both English and Spanish. We aim to help our students increase their academic skills and prepare them to take the G.E.D battery examinations. We make learning achievable by working with our students to understand where they are at and the goals they have for themselves.

What are G.E.D battery examinations and what do they measure?

The testing for the General Educational Development certification (G.E.D) is internationally recognized. Its purpose is to evaluate, measure aptitude, academic skills and knowledge in the basic subjects that should have been learned at four year High School education level. When participants achieve a passing score on the battery examinations with the time frame of 8 hrs, a G.E.D certification will be relinquished to the participant certifying that he or she has obtained the skills and knowledge required that a High School graduate would have received. The series of G.E.D examinations contain the following subjects:

      1)      Reasoning through language arts:

                     * Writing

                     * Reading

      2)      Science

      3)      Social studies

      4)      Mathematical reasoning

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