Project BRAVO will continue accepting applications for Utility Assistance (gas, electric, propane & water) and other services until further notice. Applicants may disregard the previous April 16 deadline and submit complete applications and required documents.

If you submitted an application for Utility Assistance, you will receive notice 2-4 weeks after you application was submitted.  

Apply online using our Kiosk:

You may download the 2021 Application. Please note that if you decide to use this application, you must print the application and copies of the required documents and submit them via mail or drop off at the yellow mailboxes outside our centers.

prepare to apply for services

Required Documents for all programs:

  • Completed 2021 Project BRAVO Application (available January 4,2021)

  • Copy of Photo ID for applicant and all household members

  • Social Security card for each member of the household that has a SS number  (If none, please mark N/A on page 2 next to the household member)

  • Proof of Income for the PAST 30 DAYS for all adults in the household receiving income Types: Current TANF letter, SSI, Veterans Pension, Disability, Pension, Worker’s Compensation, Gross Wages, Self-Employment Wages, Legal Child Support, Unemployment Benefits (bank statements not accepted)

  • Current SNAP Certification Letter (if receiving SNAP)

  • Current electric and gas/propane bill, & water bill may be submitted if it is past due

Required Documents for Utility Assistance and Weatherization for Each Member of the Household:

  • Fully valid, undamaged U.S. Passport or Passport Card (can be expired) OR Matricula Consular ID and Current (valid) foreign passport OR
    US Birth Certificate PLUS one of the following: Texas Driver’s License, Photo ID, Temporary Drivers License, or Texas Offender ID Card

  • For children (under 17 years of age or younger), Social Security Cards or Immunization records or Medicaid cards

Required Documents for COVID Relief Programs:

  • Attachment A – COVID Needs Assessment

  • Proof of COVID Hardship (listed on Attachment A)

  • For COVID RENTAL ASSISTANCE: Attachment B – Landlord Application

  • Complete and current lease agreement with landlord name, tenant name, property address, lease term, rental amount and signatures from both tenant and landlord. Expired leases are not acceptable.

  • For COVID MORTGAGE ASSISTANCE: Attachment C –Mortgage Assistance 3rd Party Authorization

  • Most current mortgage statement


  • Incomplete applications will not be put in the pool for services. 

    • A new application is required for each calendar year

    • Start collecting documents for all your household members.

    • Documents such as check stubs, utility bills, and mortgage statements must be current for the 30 days before the application is submitted.

    • If submitting copies of documents after your application is submitted, show the head of household and phone number/address on the copy so that your document can be linked to your application.

    • Notify Project BRAVO of changes such as new contact information, changes in address, and COVID affect.

  • Read the application carefully and follow ALL the instructions.

  • If submitting a paper application, print clearly and neatly.

  • Sign and initial ALL areas highlighted in the application.

  • Provide copies of ALL required documents with your application. 

  • Provide current phone numbers, emails, and emergency contacts. 

  • You will be contacted by email or mail to confirm your eligibility or for instructions if your application is incomplete.