Community Services

The County of El Paso drafted its principal soldier in 1967,  and joined Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Baines Johnson on this nation's historic  War on Poverty!

This magnificent warrior is none other than El Paso County's own Community Action Prorgam (CAP), Project BRAVO, Inc.

In working out a winning strategy of this "War on Poverty," the approach at the local level has become a community movement and involvement. This eventually was to be called "Community Action." Each CAP is mandated to provide for the "maximun feasible participation" of the poor in its target area.

New Community Services brochure:


To this effect, Project BRAVO has identified the following six target areas in the County of El Paso:

                      14901 Whitetail Deer Dr. El Paso Texas 79938
                      (915)  565-1377

                      8815 Dyer Street El Paso Texas 79904
                      (915)   757-0199

                    >CENTRAL SATELLITE OFFICE
                      2000 Texas Ave El Paso Texas 79901
                      (915)   307-4951

                    >WESTSIDE CENTER
                      7000 5TH STREET, ROOM 136
                      (915)   877-7625
                      8908 Old County Rd. El Paso Texas 79907
                      (915)   629-7664

                   >LOWER VALLEY CENTER
                     13680 Socorro Rd. San Elizario Texas 79849
                      (915) 872-3939

Neighborhood Centers primarily serve the target area residents as in-take to all of the programs provided by Project BRAVO, and as a referral to all of the social services offered by other agencies/programs in the County of El Paso. 

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