We provide classes in English and in Spanish to prepare our students to become capacitated to be able to take the G.E.D battery examinations.

What are G.E.D battery examinations and what do they measure?

The testing for the General Educational Development certification (G.E.D) is internationally recognized. Its purpose is to evaluate, measure aptitude, academic skills and knowledge in the basic subjects that should have been learned at four year High School education level. When participants achieve a passing score on the battery examinations with the time frame of 8 hrs, a G.E.D certification will be relinquished to the participant certifying that he or she has obtained the skills and knowledge required that a High School graduate would have received. The series of G.E.D examinations contain the following subjects:

      1)       Reasoning through language arts:

                     * Writing

                     * Reading

       2)       Sience

      3)       Social studies

      4)       Mathematical reasoning




Did you know that...

  • In the U.S Since 1949 an estimated 15.4 million adults worldwide have taken and passed the G.E.D Tests and earned their credentials. Worldwide, more than 860,000 adults take the G.E.D Tests every year.

  • Those who obtain scores high enough to earn a G.E.D certificate outperform 40% of today's graduating high school seniors. The G.E.D Testing Service® develops and distributes the G.E.D Tests.

  • G.E.D Graduates include: Delaware's Governor Ruth Ann Minner, Colorado's Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell, comedian Bill Cosby, actor Christian Slater, and Wendy' founder Dave Thomas and many more.

  • More than 95 percent of U.S. employers consider GED graduates the same as traditional high school graduates with regard to hiring, salary, and opportunities for advancement.


For more information on how to be able to participate in our G.E.D classes you may contact the Adult Basic Education Dept. at:

(915) 562-4100

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